I have often been asked why I choose to spend so much time attending real estate educational events when I’ve gone to medical school to become a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. Although helping injured children and families in need is definitely a passion of mine, that is not my only personal mission.

The mission of Fortis Equity Group is to help my friends, colleagues, and investors create cash flow and grow wealth by investing passively in REAL assets that produce predictable returns while providing quality, clean, and safe housing.

One of my favorite authors, Jim Rohn, a father of modern personal development, said it best, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

I believe that one should never stop learning. How do I personally go about this? Several ways…

Learn intentionally, with ego in check.

I regularly read on various topics including leadership, positivity, and communication. The most recent book I’ve read is “Ego Is The Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. It’s a catchy title— which typically means that the book will be disappointing. In all honesty, it was not my favorite book by Holiday. However there were some very important ideas discussed.

One major concept is humility. Holiday writes:

“What we find when we study these (successful) individuals is that they were grounded, circumspect, and unflinchingly real. Not that any of them were wholly without ego. But they knew how to suppress it, channel it, and subsume it when it counted. They were great yet humble”.

I love the concept of confident humility. Why? Because in the process of becoming an expert in something, you must continue to stay humble otherwise you will no longer truly learn.

Mr. Holiday also quotes Wynton Marsalis, Grammy and Pulitzer prize-winning jazz musician, “Humility engenders learning because it beats back the arrogance that puts blinders on. It leaves you open for truths to reveal themselves. You don’t stand in your own way.”

Of success he states, “Ego shortens it. Whether the collapse is dramatic or a slow erosion, it’s always possible and often unnecessary. We stop learning, we stop listening, and we lose our grasp on what matters.”

Learn straight from successful yet humble experts.

Another way I continue my self-education is through in-person real estate events. Last month, I attended the Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar hosted by The Real Estate Guys.

During that event, I was very fortunate to spend some time talking with two men I admire greatly, Dana Samuelson and Dave Zook.

Dana Samuelson is a world-class expert in gold, silver, and precious metals and founder of American Gold Exchange (AGE).

Dana is one the foremost experts in gold, silver, and other precious metals. Dave is a real estate syndicator, tax mitigation expert, and serial entrepreneur.

What do these two men have in common? First, they are both world class experts in their respective fields. But the most important trait they share is immediately evident after spending just a few minutes with them— they are both authentic and humble servant leaders. They epitomize confident humility.

If you’re a high-achieving professional that’s ready to learn more about how to create passive and predictable income streams outside you career and gain true financial freedom by investing in real assets, schedule a call and, let’s talk about your opportunities.

Dave Zook is a successful business owner and an experienced real estate investor active in Multi-Family Apartments, Self-storage and the ATM space.
About Dr. Roderick Capelo

Dr. Roderick Capelo, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and seasoned real estate investor. He co-founded Pediatric Sports and Spine Associates in 2006, to provide his community with an option for Pediatric Orthopedics in a uniquely positive and personable environment, in which the focus was helping young patients and families during times of need, such as an injury or other orthopedic condition. As medicine evolved during his first decade in practice, it became clear to him and many other physician colleagues that the ever-changing landscape of medicine was entirely beyond his control.

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