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Dr. Roderick Capelo sits down with Vinney (Smile) Chopra on the Syndication Made Easy podcast! In this episode, Dr. Capelo shares his story on how he got started in real estate investing, what multifamily opportunities he is buying in, and building trust through transparency.
Dr. Roderick Capelo founded his own practice, Pediatric Sports and Spine Associates in 2006. As medicine evolved it became clear that the ever-changing landscape of medicine was beyond his control. He studied different ways to create income streams outside of medicine and landed on multi-family assets thanks to being introduced to several seasoned real estate investors.
Roderick dives into what you need to know about diversifying your portfolio, the key that has helped him get invested in 2,500 doors, and the biggest lesson he learned from his first real estate deal that he ended up taking a $40,000 loss on!
Learn More about Dr. Capelo’s Pressure-Free Approach to Talking to Potential Investors, and the MAGIC of Depreciation (and Other Tax Advantages of Real Estate) from The ThinkMultifamily Podcast
Listen to Dr. Capelo’s Appearance on the Rigs to Real Estate Podcast Where He discusses valuable insights such as, discovering the cure to volatility, the challenges physicians face, what kept him going, and much more!
In this episode, Roderick shares the positive significance that multifamily real estate investments can have in your life as a medical/ working professional. Roderick works to connect physician colleagues, family, friends with safe, cash-flowing multifamily investments to help them achieve true financial liberty. Listen in to hear how he is making an impact by giving his money a mission.

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