Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life?

If you’re like me, maybe you run your practice and you enjoy caring for patients. If you are like me, you enjoy caring for patients and you may even enjoy running your own medical practice. I love being a doctor, but I always had a feeling that I needed to do something different. I was tired of spinning my wheels and having my income determined by how many patients I saw or what the insurance companies’ rates were.

Unfortunately, I knew from firsthand experience that my medical colleagues were often the target of unscrupulous fund managers, financial professionals, and other people who wanted us to invest with them.

Physicians are so notorious for being poor handlers of our own money that a well-known joke is that the time to get out of an investment is when the doctors get in it—Ouch!

I knew there had to be another way to grow my wealth, and I wanted to experience the freedom of time to do what I wanted and enjoy my life to the fullest again.

I was invited by a friend to go to a meeting at the home of Kyle Wilson who is Jim Rohn’s long-time friend and business partner. The prospect of meeting someone who knew my new favorite author so well was intriguing. That was a pivot point, the exact moment my life would begin to change… forever.

Through Kyle Wilson’s Inner Circle Mastermind group, I met several real estate investors and syndicators who I respected were having massive success. I was excited about the possibilities of passive wealth I could create for my family, so I began attending their conferences, listening to podcasts, researching, and meeting with like-minded people.

Specifically, Mark KenneyRobert Helms, and Russell Gray provided mentorship and coaching to help me increase my knowledge. Within their spheres of influence, there are many successful real estate investors as well as people of high integrity.

The integrity piece is very important because that wasn’t something that I routinely saw in many of my medical colleagues or in the way the medical industry did business in general.

A much higher premium and importance was placed on honesty than success among my new group of friends and real estate investors. In fact, I realized that those two things were inexorably linked. The more honesty and integrity you have, the more successful you will likely become.

Eventually, I felt confident in what I knew and I had tremendous support around me, so I began investing passively in multifamily real estate syndications. I was very pleased with how the first investment went! Before long, I felt very comfortable picking a partnership group, as well as a particular property, based on my investment philosophy and criteria. These investments often produced more return on investment than what the Pro-forma originally stated!

It became clear that investing in real estate could help me achieve my goal of financial freedom much quicker than the stock market or investing in medical businesses. Gradually, I began to feel a great deal of peace and contentment in my life. I now have control over my future and a game plan for financial freedom. I also have a renewed outlook of growth, prosperity and abundance, along with an incredible tribe to help reinforce all of this.

I am blessed to be living out what Jim Rohn once encouraged us to do:

“Learn to be happy with all you have while you pursue all that you want.”

WOW…I could have stayed up all night and not thought of that! This was truly my new outlook on life, and it still feels amazing!

I’m currently investing with a group of friends of exceptionally high integrity, honesty and capability. I fully understand multifamily real estate investing and have a substantial amount of deal flow with my friends and fellow investors. In addition, I understand the difficulty that my fellow physicians face in choosing appropriate investments and picking the right investment partners. It struck me that it would be irresponsible and incredibly selfish if I didn’t share my knowledge of passive investing with other medical professionals.

About Dr. Roderick Capelo

Dr. Roderick Capelo, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and seasoned real estate investor. He co-founded Pediatric Sports and Spine Associates in 2006, to provide his community with an option for Pediatric Orthopedics in a uniquely positive and personable environment, in which the focus was helping young patients and families during times of need, such as an injury or other orthopedic condition. As medicine evolved during his first decade in practice, it became clear to him and many other physician colleagues that the ever-changing landscape of medicine was entirely beyond his control.

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