Dr. Roderick Capelo, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and seasoned real estate investor. He co-founded Pediatric Sports and Spine Associates in 2006, to provide his community with an option for Pediatric Orthopedics in a uniquely positive and personable environment, in which the focus was helping young patients and families during times of need, such as an injury or other orthopedic condition. As medicine evolved during his first decade in practice, it became clear to him and many other physician colleagues that the ever-changing landscape of medicine was entirely beyond his control.

Dr. Capelo studied different ways to create income streams outside of medicine, he was introduced to several seasoned real estate investors that specialize in multi-family assets. Through their coaching and partnership, Dr. Capelo began acquiring real multifamily assets that provide a tax-advantaged, passive income stream, with predictable returns. In the past four years, he and his partners have acquired almost 2400 multifamily units in five states. Dr. Capelo is also the co-author of two best-selling books: Purpose, Passion & Profits and Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities. His focus now is connecting physician colleagues, family, friends with safe, cash-flowing multifamily investments to help them achieve true financial freedom.

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